What Was The Elimination Of Revolitionary Left Movement?

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Register to read the introduction… * Used the means of terror and fear to eliminate opposition and gain information * A Gestapo-type police force (Kornbluh 158) * Intended to centralise both the gathering of intelligence and dispensing of repression (Kornbluh 158) * Aimed to eliminate opposition of all kinds (civilian dissent, political opposition, and international opposition, and internal opposition within the military government) (Kornbluh 159)
Projects and measures carried out by the DINA * 13,500 were arrested and detained after the initial Junta coup * Turned National Stadium in Santiago Chile into a detention centre where torture and information extraction was to be carried out * DINA established the “Brigada Ciudana” a branch of the DINA composed of civilians who work for the DINA as informers (Kornbluh 187) * Established the “Brigada Exterior” composed of DINA operatives who conduct intelligence operations in foreign countries (Kornbluh 187) * Elimination of Revolitionary Left Movement (Ensalaco 69) * Assassination of important figures of opposition
The Elimination of front-runners against Pinochet * Elimination of the Revolutionary Left Movement also known as the
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When they were actually only seemingly away from his reach. The DINA had a branch within known as the Brigada Exterior, which was described as ‘DINA operatives who conduction traditional intelligence opperations in foreign countries’ (Kornbluh 187). The Brigada Exterior acted beyond the borders of Chile through international DINA agents like Michael Townley. Townley was an American citisen born in Waterloo, Iowa (Kornbluh 167) although his background being American Augusto Pinochet and his regime heavily influenced him as he spent quite a bit of his life as an expatriate kid in Chile. Townley become a part of the Patria y Libertad a pro-fascist military group and in 1973 and by 1974 he had joined the DINA and lead his first successful mission of killing a former leader in Chile, Carlos

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