Btec Business Level 3 Unit 5 P5

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P5: Set up a standalone computer system, installing hardware and software components
P6: Configure a computer system to meet user needs
P7: Test a computer system for functionality

• In this picture you can see all the parts are missing. They were removed so that we can put it back together.

• In the next picture you can see the RAM is placed in the slot. It is positioned in with small amount of force until the clips click into to place.

• In the next picture we installed in the hard drive which is positioned in vertical position, when you turn the computer on its side.

• The hard drive is then connected to the motherboard which is connected to all the wires.

• The power supply is then inserted inside the computer tower where we used the screws to screw it into place.
The picture will show
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One of the improvements that could be included is adding a new hardware component into the existing computer system, depending on its current performance, which wasn’t good on our one so this is the first thing we had to solve. The computer we reconfigured holds the same hardware and software which turned out the performance wasn’t good.
Genuinely, some of the students had the similar sorts of problems just like mine, to improve the problems we choose to have smaller updates which are made to improve the performance somewhat. One of the main ways of improving the existing system is to increase the amount of the RAM (Random Access Memory) held in it, this will allow the computer to deal with more applications at once without slowing down the

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