Nt1310 Operating System

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What are the functions?
An operating system is there to give the user an interactive, user-friendly way to run and use the computer. A typical OS such as Windows allows users to interact with a graphical user interface. Within the GUI, the user clicks on objects and visual elements on the provided desktop and this manipulates the OS to give certain results. The basic function provided by the OS is to acknowledge actions from the user and give output from the screen. Clicking the mouse, typing or interacting with other forms of hardware does this output. An OS provides interaction in all forms and ideally a good OS should display interactive design aesthetics. With an OS it’s possible to host and install software apps to provide purpose to the operating system. The OS organises machine and peripheral actions so they can achieve optimum results.To do this it uses a function to connect with hardware such as the USB, RAM,ROM, keyboard and mouse. Data is sent back and forth to the RAM to help the system run its applications.The computers device drivers are used to manage the machine and these drivers are controlled by the OS.
How do they facilitate users?
Different types of operating systems provide their own levels of stability and reliability to facilitate the user. Software developers will often update the OS by
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These help the user understand how to configure and use the OS. It has all the general features (mentioned above) that you would expect from a modern OS. Windows and OSX both provide customisation of desktop content and support drivers for peripherals. They have interactive GUI’s and utilities for system management. A weakness of Windows is that its search tool/default search engine is weaker compared to the OSX version. The OSX is less likely to crash because it only runs only on the MAC. Windows unlike OSX can work on many different kinds of PCs including the

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