Distributed Operating System Case Analysis

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As the Chief Information Officer in my business, I’ll be suggesting a new system for the current network attempting to improve the overall quality and efficiency of 250 client computers and 50 servers. My first decision would be to change the system to a Distributed Operating System (DOS). My reason being that the reliability of the network will increase and there will always be room for improvement such as adding more client computers and servers. While updating the server to DOS this system will allow more size and the reliability of the database to be used. Instead you could distribute them across multiple instances decreasing the likelihood of system outages, and making errors easier to deal with (Thakur, n.d.). I chose to implement this …show more content…
I would want to upgrade the systems’ server with a more up to date program which would probably be 2007 or 2012. If I had to choose which system I would use it would be Windows over any other, I find that windows would be more suitable for a business environment. Windows is used pretty much with almost every business , with using an updated version I think it would be better , because then you wouldn’t have any issues when it comes to opening up any documents due to it not being supported. Most systems outside of windows are open source which it is open basically for anyone to make changes to the system you place. I think if you have one person within your business and or IT department of your company they should be certified in order to fix things within the company verses having to contact someone from another source.

As for an operating system for my client computer systems with the program it already has which would be the standard Windows 7 OS. It has great software and hardware capabilities and is overall a well-built operating system to use. Upgrading a systems operating system to something like Windows 10 would be more confusing to those who are not used to all the recent updates and they will tend to have a better understanding of an older OS than something more
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It is going to be expensive paying for a DOS. This DOS will cause usage of the database to increase. If you are going to want the best systems for your company you are going to want to invest the money because you will get what you pay for. Following this new update you will have to purchase new hardware to support the 50 servers instead of the hardware that is used to support one. Software can be used for multiple servers so you will not have to pay separately, which in return will save you some money. The Windows server can be bought through bulk licensing, making distribution of the OS much easier. We do not necessarily need to purchase a whole new OS, We can upgrade our current servers so we will not have to purchase a new OS within the same program, we are already using it we might as well take advantage of it.

In conclusion, when a problem occurs while troubleshooting it will be easier while you are already working with a familiar system, than having to learn how to operate a new one. I think that using the Distributed Operating System would be the best for a business because it will be easier to update with the way technology is changing and it will become easier for future

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