Essay On False Memory

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False Memories Being Created for Business and Brand Names One of the most fascinating things about memory is that it is never identical in each subsequence remembrance. What one may remember the first time might slightly vary the second time. Memories are also easily influenced by external factors, such as word choice, other people’s versions, different background events and even interruptions. Psychologists have done studies and tests to see just how vulnerable memories are and how easily they can be changed or forgotten. Not only can we be responsible for our own mishaps in memory, but we can also change other people’s memories too.
Memories are interesting in the fact that they decay over time if not used, and they may lose their validity.
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It was noted that only three other studies had been done with this topic, but none used the DRM paradigm (Sherman, 2011, p.336). Unsurprisingly, products of a specific font and style are more easily recognizable thus lowering the chance of false recognition, as is the case with McDonald’s, In N Out, and Subway. The idea behind this is that the way an item is presented is categorized into two different forms of processing; item-specific processing for unique fonts and relational processing for same fonts (Sherman, 2011, …show more content…
Misattribution and suggestibility are very similar but with one distinct difference. Misattribution is creating false memories alone, whereas suggestibility is creating a false memory because of someone else (Spielman, 2014, p.283). An example of misattribution is watching TV and having someone break into your home only for you to mistakenly identify the person on the TV as the intruder, and later on recall the event as if the intruder was the person on TV. The third form distortion is what’s known as a bias – in which one’s feelings and worldview can influence their

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