Should The Holocaust Be Taught In Schools

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The Holocaust. A devastating and unforgettable scar left on humanity. Should it still be taught in school systems so we will remember it for generations to come? I argue that it should because, memory shapes us and teaches us. To continue to honor those who suffered and died, lastly it’s where our redemption lies.

Memory is what shapes us and teaches us about the past. When we learn about the past and what has happened we will be more likely to remember the signs leading up to the event to recall the memories and help us in the future. Marilu Henner said “memories suddenly emerge to protect us from danger” (qtd. in Holmes). When we remember about the past “it’s a great insurance policy against loss” stated by Marilu Henner (qtd. In Holmes).

In addition, the Holocaust is one of the deepest most unforgettable scars on humanity for the simple reason that so many people suffered and died during these painful years. This genocide killed around 11+ million jews and other minorities. Consequently the survivors of the Holocaust suffer severely from PTSD (Nazi Horrors Revisited). If schools refuse to teach children about the holocaust they will never know the aftermath of something so horrific that so many people suffered through.
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This obscured because the normal education is 12 years long. By saying that we won’t have enough time to learn about our own history is crazy because who would want to spend 12 years learning about one thing. Also when we learn about things that happen around the world it opens our eyes to a whole new experience that we might have never come across unless we were taught about it in school. Also if schools don’t teach about it then eventually the holocaust along with many other genocides will eventually be

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