Amnesia Vs Long Term Memory

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Do you ever remember doing or seeing something, and wonder to yourself how on earth did I remember that? Well, in this paper I will try to help you get a better understanding. I will explain how things you do, see, or hear become a memory. I will also discuss long term and short term memory along with why and what makes you forget. There will also be a page about amnesia , and the different systems and types of memories. I know at first it doesn’t sound that interesting, but if you just give it a chance I promise you will learn something new and interesting about human memory.
The first aspect I want to discuss is memory encoding which is basically how experiences transform into memories. Encoding takes something memorable from what you did or what you saw and turns that into a memory code. For example, if you listen to a song your brain is more likely to remember the hook or chorus more than the entire song. Another example, could be when you watch a football game you will probably remember the score more than you would remember every play that happened. Encoding itself can be successful or unsuccessful depending on what stimuli is activated. There have been many different tests trying to figure out which stimuli are effective and which
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Information there can be stored there for an indefinite amount of time. Long-term memories range from things that happened a few minutes ago always to events that happened in your childhood. Long-term memories is supported by flashbulb memories. Flash-bulb memories are defined as unusually vivid and detailed recollections of momentous events. An example of a flash-bulb memory would be how most people who were alive can remember exactly where they were, and what they were doing on 9/11/01 when the planes hit the Twin Towers. Examples such as this justifies that memories in long-term storage can be their

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