The Labyrinth Of Recollection Analysis

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The Labyrinth of the Recollection Process Commonly, remembering enjoyable experiences makes you living full of joy, and remembering uncomfortable experiences makes you living in the swamps. Memories are like a coin that has two faces: happiness and sadness. Although these two are totally opposed to each other by meaning, they play a very important role in recalling our memories. Memory forming is a relatively simple process which requires the one’s effort to memorize the event and how important or serious the event is for him or her. In comparison, recalling memory can be an extremely complicated process; not only the memory of the fact itself, but also ways of interpreting the memory are required to recall memories. Especially when interpreting …show more content…
Though he does not express his anger or disappointment to the public because he does not even know he got hurt, he indirectly shows his displeasure towards its memory by acting defensively: “I wasn’t hurt enough when I should have been, Kino admitted to himself. When I should have felt real pain, I stifled it. I didn’t want to take it on, so I avoided facing up to it. Which is why my heart is so empty now” (Kino). Due to the memory, he has a hard time forgiving his ex-wife and finding a new lover. His wife asks him for forgiveness, and he admitted that he is hurt and accepted her apologize; however, he still seems to be not fully forgive his wife and acted emotionless. Probably, he would not want to believe that the affair he saw was true and wanted to forget instead. Even his wife tells him directly by saying, “I think it’d be good for you to forget about what happened and find someone new” (Kino), it is always not so easy to forget something you do not want to remember, and he was not able to erase the memory easily as well. According to his experience, the bad memory influences heavily on his life to lead him living alone and stifling his emotions to public. At the end of the story when he admits his heartbroken emotion towards the memory of the affair: “Yes, I am hurt. Very, very deeply. He said this to himself. And he wept” (Kino), I can assume that he has finally take sadness that comes from the bad memory and giving an opportunity to himself to forgive his

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