Retrograde Amnesia Analysis

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A new bride suffers retrograde amnesia after a traumatic brain injury and loses the memory of ever having met her husband in this romantic drama based on actual events.

Paige suffers a traumatic brain injury in a car accident that results in retrograde amnesia. She awakens in a hospital room having lost several years of her life, and the memory of ever having met Leo and marrying him. Leo attempts to remind Paige of their relationship and reclaim their life prior to the car accident. Although Paige never regains her memory, she discovers facts of her past that lead her back to her life prior to the accident. The movie is based on the actual story of Kim and Krickett Carpenter.

Neuropsychological Review
Ashley McIntyre, Lona Wang, Melanie
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The movie downplays the severity of the behavioral effects that traumatic brain injury would have on a person. At first when Paige wakes up after her calamity, she reverts back to how she was five years prior, when she was still in law school and dating someone else (Jeremy). In this story, Paige does learn that she wants to be an artist and eventually leaves Jeremy again and goes back to Leo. In actual TBI, this is less believable. Unlike Paige’s case in this movie, one usually doesn’t regain their former personality. Also, Paige’s coma was slightly mentioned in the movie, but it was portrayed like it only occurred for a few days. Either the movie “skipped to the chase” or it showed that Paige was only in the coma for only a few days. She did not slowly come out of her coma as in real cases of comas; however, she just suddenly “woke up.” After waking up from her coma, Paige remarkably has no bandages or scars considering she just recently went through the windshield of a …show more content…
Some of these very emotional events portrayed in the film were Paige’s accident, her re-acquaintance with her forgotten husband, her return home to her family in order to escape her unfamiliar life with Leo, and Leo’s attempt to make Paige fall in love with him again. While the filmmakers did include a few new details to capture the audiences, all of these instances that occurred in the film did in fact occur in Kim and Krickett’s life. When the actual case was compared to the film, it was found that many of the symptoms and struggles that Paige faced coincided with what the Carpenters wrote in their book, The Vow: The True Events that Inspired the Movie. (2012). Kim Carpenter explains how Krickett and he could not return to the life they had beforehen Krickett returned home from the hospital she was a different person. He explains, “her mood swings were so wide and unpredictable. Unpredictable described our whole relationship” (Carpenter, 2012). Just as in the actual case, one of the main issues in the film was Leo’s difficulty coping with Paige’s constant mood swings, confusion, and struggle with her memory. However, one aspect of the actual case that the film failed to highlight was the difficulty Krickett had getting back to her usual level of functioning. In the book,

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