Argumentative Essay On Memory Loss

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There is nothing that can be more disturbing and disruptive than memory loss. Almost the entire facet of a person’s life is completely reliant on the memory lane, and so are the experiences, and realities of life. In the absence of memory, it is highly certain that a person becomes completely decapitated from performing learned functions.
The memory loss problem often results in social and emotional issues on the person. Several people are unable to cope with daily chores, and as a result, feel burdensome to their friends and relatives. In most situations, this can be very depressing.
The problem of memory loss and forgetfulness is however not new in the society and dates back to antiquity. While most people were often faced with this problem,
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In any case, there are also several drunkards who are completely oblivious to their environment and recall nothing at all, during and after the drugged episodes. This has made several people consider drugs as an escape route for their life obstacles and challenges.
There is, however, some instances of short-term memory loss that implies serious health conditions underlying in the brain. Instantaneous and sudden short-term memory loss is an early sign of brain tumor and impending stroke and individuals who experience it should seek medical attention urgently. In addition, some brain infections may result in memory loss and are supposed to be treated also with urgency.
The causes of long-term memory loss and forgetfulness are also numerous and as such cannot be defined succinctly. Long-term memory loss nevertheless has a cure and should be dealt with this and should not be interpreted as the end of life. Why this? While short-term memory loss can be less demeaning, long-term memory loss is very strenuous. It also affects people of all ages from children to
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The major cause of long-term memory loss in Alzheimer disease. The disease has a gradual aging process and medics believe it is caused by neuro-degeneration. The ailment is the major cause of dementia which faces people at an early age in their lives. Research studies suggest that its usual onset is usually the age of 65 years. An early sign of the disease is a failure to remember recent life events and interactions. In its chronic stage, the person is unable to recall the way they used to perform simple life chores like personal care.
Dementia, however, has other causes as well apart from Alzheimer. It is basically a term used to describe an entirety of memory loss conditions. Alzheimer is basically a major cause, accounting for around 65% of causes. Other causes of dementia are vascular causes emanating from brain cell death due to conditions such as stroke.
In addition, memory loss may be caused by serious injury to the brain. The injury can traumatic enough to offset the brain chemicals that processes and stores memory and life experiences. It is referred to as post-traumatic memory loss

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