Shiffrin Model And Short-Term Memory

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Register to read the introduction… “Short-term lets you hold a restaurant's phone number in your mind as you dial the number, you rely on your short-term memory. This storage is capable of holding roughly seven items of information for approximately 15 to 20 seconds.” (Foster, 2011) Short-term memory is very restricted and needs to make room for all original knowledge coming in consistently. “Long-term is a more permanent storage, hoarding information over hours, days or years. This information can take the form of declarative memories, which include simple facts or specific episodes in your life, or procedural memories to do with skills, such as how to ride a bike.” (Robson, …show more content…
These strategies will considerably help me because in class I tend to sit back and listen, occasionally loosing focus. I will now write questions while reading and try to answer them giving me a better understanding. When I apply active learning I will participation more frequently and get in more class discussions. This will assist by allowing me to ask necessary and reverent questions helping me organization the information and fill in the missing links I may possibly have. After class I will study, but not only study until I learn the information but past the point helping me remember longer and recall more …show more content…
It is important to use selective attention to block out distractions to help you learn. There are different ways to improve memory but I am going to begin implementing organization, over learning, and active learning. Memory is a delicate process and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Without memory I would have forgot to write this paper!

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