Importance Of Focus Group Interviewing

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Focus groups interviewing refers to a method in which a number of people are brought together in a control setting, to be interviewed together as a group. For this method to become a successful study, one needs to be able to listen, think, and talk almost at the same time. Focus groups are a good tool for exploratory research, however, as is the case in most studies, these qualitative interviews may later be combined with quantitative techniques in order to gain a deeper understanding of the topic. Furthermore, focus groups can be very effective in helping researchers gain insights while conducting studies with participants of different upbringings and cultures.
Focus group interviewing, similar to a qualitative one to one interviews are relatively
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This is slightly higher than the price of an average smart phone and the midrange price for a laptop. In this study I would introduce a variety of different focus groups, ranging statistically in age, income group and occupation. My reasoning being that in recent history the demographic trends of hand held computers has significantly changed. Therefore, making this device a convenient entity for almost everyone. I would follow what the book indicates to be a rule of thumb, and have a range of ten to fifteen groups, with approximately six to ten individuals in a single group. The use of a smaller number of people per group would allow a more successful study. This would provide better insights on how different people will respond to this device being introduced to the market. The goal of this study would be to observe reactions, and learn how the subjects would react to the different functions of the device. Depending on the responses, this study could be used for conducting future marketing campaigns. For example if the device seems to be very popular with the younger age groups, but not preferential with middle aged participants, than the advertisement campaigns introducing the product would be focused on the younger …show more content…
For example, this hand held computer may be introducing helpful apps for university students, however some students may not be able to afford purchasing the device. A focus groups study approach, would allow for in depth qualitative data, analyzing views on possible problems, opinions, feeling and possible outcomes associated with introducing a new hand held computer in a society already overwhelmed by smart devices. Furthermore, as almost everyone already owns a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop, during the focus group study, we would have to understand if people would be willing to replace their current smart devises for this hand held computer, or if they would introduce this item as a complement their existing devices. As the interviewers are more likely to talk openly with each other in a group interview setting, the insights would help in making market decisions for the device to bring in the largest possible

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