Perimeter Defense Essay

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Perimeter Defense: Beyond the Basics
It is called "all round defense". In other words, a threat can come from any direction. It is important that you know the area around the structure you are defending. Ideally, you have sketched on paper your property's' prominent terrain features, features that could offer cover and/or concealment to an opposing force or offer the same to you the defender.
Once down on paper you would then measure the distance from any cover or concealment that the terrain offers back to shooting positions, such as foxholes, spider holes, blinds and from the structure itself. You need to know the range so firearms can be chosen for specific shooting positions and then zero your firearms to that range.
Once you know how far
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A previous article talked about foxholes and spiders holes, which are defensive, and observation posts respectively. You need to know early enough what size force you are up against so you can decide whether to stay and fight or escape to fight another …show more content…
Looters and criminal opportunist can be driven off easily enough by one or two people, but a larger force not so easily. You need force multipliers, to augment your limited force. Some examples would be guard dogs, barriers like fencing, motion activated lights and other early warning systems that do not require monitoring by personnel.
Getting burned out or bombed. You could fortify your structure to make it less prone to fire damage, by building with stone and soil. To use soil effectively you could dig into the side of a hill, so your roof is essentially 10 feet or so of soil, or dig down into the earth and cover with soil. These structures are of course, labor intensive to build and not practical for most people.
Most homes are not designed as defensive structures, so it is important that you engage outside of the home, otherwise you could be trapped inside until your supplies run out, or you are burned out or the structure is destroyed by grenades or other explosive

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