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  • Piet Hein: The Basics Of The Game Of Hex

    The game Hex was invented by the Danish mathematician Piet Hein in the 1940s. This game has been of great interest to mathematicians around the world since its introduction, including Martin Gardner who explores it in chapter eight of his first Scientific American Book of Mathematical Puzzles and Games (1959). The game is normally played on a board of 11x11 hexagons with two edges labelled black and the other two labelled white. It is a two-person game in which both players (using black and white counters) attempt to create a chain connecting both of their respective sides of the board. This chapter will stray away from the basics of Hex and instead explore a more specific aspect of the game: ladders. Topics to be discussed include general…

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  • How Can Hex Form Of Positive Protective Magic

    Hex~ A hex is a form of positive protective magic that can positively manipulate or change the actions of myself, another person or their actions to help and benefit that person and to protect them from doing harm to themselves or others. The term originally came from Norway and Switzerland from German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Dutch settled in Pennsylvania in the late 1700s to 1800s. The term came from their Old High German word for “Witch” or “hexe ”. These…

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  • Hex: Witchcraft Community

    Hex When one thinks of the word “hex” they likely think of witches casting evil spells on or putting a curse upon an innocent individual. Interestingly enough, the word actually stems from the German word “hexe” which translates to “witch” and “hexen” which means “to practice witchcraft.” The first instance of hex being used as a noun meaning “magic spell” was recorded in 1909. In the Pennsylvania Dutch community, hex signs are commonly seen painted on barns and homes as both decoration and as…

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  • Hex In Modern Paganism

    The word Hex is one that has permeated much of common literature and culture often being seen as a word that detonates an evil spell or some sort of curse upon the recipient. Curse and hex are two words that are frequently misused or confused together within the context of Paganism. However, after researching the word hex, I have found that a hex spell isn't necessarily a spell designed with evil intent. What a hex essentially is revolves around manipulation of somebody else's will. This…

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  • Hex Hall Character Analysis

    Another common trope in witch-wizard fantasy is, magic must always be present in some way. This means throughout the story there must be a magical source or somebody who has the power to produce magical powers. In my own novel “Hex Hall” there is magic found throughout the story since the main character is a witch, she casts spells whenever she pleases and her father is a warlock so she gets her magical side from him. In Harry Potter it is present considering they attend a school specifically…

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  • Life Changing Events In Emerson's 'Hex Hall'

    Life Changing Events “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Is a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that can describe this book written by Rachel Hawkins. The book “Hex Hall” by Rachel Hawkins has the paranormal romance genre. There are many events and accomplishments that form a person. Sophie Mercer is a young witch who grows throughout the story. She grows within culture, community and family. Some of the…

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  • Manipulative Magick

    A hex is manipulative magick. It can be placed on someone as a kind of protection, but a hex can also be placed on someone in a negative way to really manipulate the person and to change the person's own will. So in general a hex can be used negatively, but it does not have to. It is a manipulation to control other people to make them act in a special way, not in their own nature. It can be used to help others, if we want them to be safe from being harmed. The word dates back to the early…

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  • Pen And Odysseus Comparison Essay

    journey and stops at a store to gather any additional needs, but runs into the one-eyed giant. Pen blinds the beast and escapes to the Lotus Hotel where she meets Hex, a bright-eyed boy who befriends the weary traveller. Weeks later, Pen and Hex flee the hotel and wind up at the home of Beatrix the witch. They escape from her captivation along with her minion, Ez. The trio continue with their journey and encounter another giant at a museum. Again, they free themselves and eventually find…

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  • Essay On Tay Sachs Disease

    make a protein called hexosaminidase. It happens on chromosome 15 also known as Hex A. Without this protein, chemicals called gangliosides build up in nerve cells and in the brain destroying brain cells. This is a mutation that can be carried by carriers. The time it takes to see the results of Tay-Sachs is about 5-6 months or more it depends. (mayoclinic.org) andy to prepare you in case your infant is diagnosed with Tay-Sachs.(GeneticsHom Symptoms There are many Tay-Sachs effects on your body.…

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  • Spellcasting A Witch Spell

    The original curse that gave birth to the first witches runs in your blood. You kin are able to weild the power of the divine against the will of gods, your curse is the reason why you are an unholy menace and heretic to be hunted. Hex: Heretic Starting at 3rd level, whenever your spellcasting feature would allow you learn a witch spell of 1st level or higher, you can choose the new spell from the cleric spell list, in addition to the witch spell list. You must otherwise obey all other…

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