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  • Narrative Of Deep Sea Fishing

    “There is a moment during every fight with a strong fish when you wonder whether it or you will win the battle” (Hudson). Since the age of four, I have enjoyed catching bass, brim, and catfish. Thirteen years later, I finally attempted my luck at deep sea fishing. Finally, my dream came true one overcast fall weekend. During the fall, saltwater fish tend to stay closer to the top of the water and in shallow waters because of the warmer water temperatures. If the water and fish comply with the weather, then fishing during the fall in Florida will not let an angler down. The night before I began my fishing adventure, my family and I were sitting around a red-hot campfire. The easterly winds caused the fire to flicker, and I roasted marshmallows…

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  • A Tragic Hero: A Short Story

    Markeus tried luring in the siren and threw the shell. While she momentarily became unconscious, Markeus used this opportunity and slayed the siren with the diamond encrusted silver sword. Meanwhile Arseren fell deeper and deeper into the ocean, Markeus swam up the throne, and saw the box of light. Joy and happiness was all he felt, it was a feeling he hasn’t felt before. After grabbing the box, Markeus swam out of the caves, and up towards the surface of the water. He then, stepped onto the…

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  • The Importance Of The Mariana Trench

    Most would think no lifeforms could survive in such depths with the extreme temperatures, darkness, and immense water pressure, but they do. Over four hundred types of foraminifera, which are single-celled protists, have been found here as well as amphipods, worms, sea cucumbers, and shrimp. Along with this, a record was set for the deepest depth of a found fish. It is an unknown species of snailfish. Not only is the living of importance here, but the physical makeup of the trench is as well.…

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  • Research Paper On Arctic Tundra

    and most are relatively uncomplicated organisms. This is for a variety of reasons; firstly the supply of water which marine life requires surviving is intermittent. Secondly, the wave action around the shore can wash away or dislodge poorly suited or more adapted organisms. Thirdly, because of the intertidal zone's high exposure to the sun the temperature ranges can be very extreme. For example the temperature could be extremely hot or extremely cold like in frigid climates. Abyssal Because…

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  • Deep Ocean Essay

    The deep ocean is considered an extreme environment because of the low temperatures, high pressures, lack of oxygen and no sunlight. These conditions have caused the organisms which live there to evolve, often through unusual and unique adaptations, so they can live, reproduce, and thrive. An extreme environment is a place where humans normally do not live or could die there. There are organisms caused extremophiles that live there and are so well-adapted that they readily grow and multiply in…

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  • Essay On Deep Sea Mining

    Deep sea mining is a fairly new issue within the scientific community only being utilized in mineral collecting for the past two decades (Theil). Although this action is fairly new, it still can have devastating effects on ecosystems, especially the seafloor. “Because of the high demand for minerals and metals for making technological items, this new way of mining has gathered a lot of attention in the last five years. Three forms of deep-sea mineral resources have been considered thus far for…

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  • Deep Sea Hydrothermal Vents

    A deep-sea hydrothermal vent is one of the harshest places to live on earth. This is due to the pitch darkness, heavy metals, extreme acidity, poison gas and the enormous pressure. Sunlight penetrates no further than a few hundred feet down which means the deep-sea floor is as dark as a deep cave. There are no plants due to no sunlight and all the vent life belong to the animal kingdom. Due to there being no plants there is no photosynthesis. These organisms rely on a process called…

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  • Away By Michael Gow Play Analysis

    The picture book is about a boy overcoming his fears of what lies beneath the surface of the ocean, a world that he has not yet wanted to discover. On one page the visual show imaginary creatures that Ben thinks are attacking him but they are depicted as ghost-like to give the impression that they are only in Ben’s mind. Ben needs to take a risk in order to retrieve his net but his fear has held him back by the unknown waters. As the story continues Ben finds a girl, Sophie who can help him…

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  • Death Of Girish Gogi Deep Sea Diving

    Imagine being completely capable of doing everything you love then one day having it all taken away the next day. Girish Gogia loved his designing job and loved to deep sea dive. All in one day he became 90% paralyzed after a deep sea diving accident. His condition has no cure and his chances of survival are slim, which made him very devastated. After months of surviving, he realized there was a reason that he was still alive, he just did not know why yet. Girish went to his doctor and said…

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  • Ship Of Gold In The Deep Blue Sea Essay

    “Ship of Gold In the Deep Blue Sea” by Gary Kinder is a book about the search for the SS Central America; a steamship that carried hundreds of passengers and an estimated $2,000,000 in gold (which is $292,000,000 in modern day value) in 1857 that was trying to reach New York from Panama which later went down in a hurricane. Tommy Thompson later sets out to discover the riches of the lost vessel on a quest that people had thought was near impossible to plan. While Thompson had found the ship and…

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