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  • Word Decoding In Oliver Henderson's 'I Can Hop'

    Henderson, O. (n.d.). I Can Hop. Reading A-Z. Being able to decode is pivotal, especially when it comes to teaching students how to read. Decoding is when children have the ability to apply his or her knowledge of graphemes (letters) and phonemes (sounds) to pronounce print correctly (“Word Decoding and Phonics,” n.d.). Nevertheless, having child understand the relationship between graphemes and phonemes allow him or her to identify acquainted words quickly, as well as learn new words (“Word Decoding and Phonics,” n.d.). Moreover, if I were a kindergarten or first grade teacher, I would use the following created text book: I Can Hop written by Oliver Henderson and illustrated by Joel Snyder. I Can Hop is a fantasy fiction decodable book…

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  • English Strategies: A Case Study

    Based on student’s identified weaknesses, which students will benefit the most from the FISH strategy? Students who are identified as a struggling reader often times find decoding words the most difficult. According to Cooper, “a struggling reader is any student who is having difficulty learning to read” (2009). Reading does not come easy to every student. According to Aims Webb, there are four measures that take into consideration when deciding if a student has difficulty reading. “The four…

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  • Stuart Hall's Circuit Model Analysis

    associate it with the sacrifices of the lives lost men and women in service, have put in creating the country we live in. As for Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback of the 49ers, standing for the national anthem represents the idea that the individual takes pride in their country. And, so, Kaepernick chose to “take a stand by kneeling” (Witts) to express his beliefs, create awareness, and protest (Fig. 1). However, his message was misinterpreted by many viewers and took it as him disrespecting…

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  • Decoding In Communication

    (Perrault, Cannon, and McCarthy, 2014, p. 351). The source then needs to encode the message, which consist of translating the message into a way the receiver will be able to understand (Perrault, Cannon, and McCarthy, 2014, p. 352). The message channel will then deliver the message through voice, action, TV, email, and/or the Internet (Perrault, Cannon, and McCarthy, 2014, p. 353). The message channel is important, because when deciding which channel to use, the individual has to be aware of…

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  • Text Decoding

    Decoding must be introduced, modeled, practiced, and mastered for a student to be successful at reading independently. For students to practice these skills, we must considering the readability of the text – could a child independently read the text after adequate phonics instruction? Many reading programs and textbooks series include “decodable readers” which are often differentiated to reach students of varying ability levels. These readers may contain text related to the “story of the…

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  • Decoding Neandertals Summary

    Decoding Neandertals shed light on a subject that had previously been surrounded by extreme prejudice. After viewing Decoding Neandertals, there were numerous ideas and questions that came to mind. The first question being, “Does the uncovering the existence of Neandertal DNA in modern Human DNA change the perspective of how we view ourselves?” Having such a groundbreaking discovery like this may cause a bit of social unrest and conflict. It is from the amazing findings by the scientists…

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  • Analysis: Decoding Resistance To Change

    People need to be persuaded that the present way of the organization is not the best one to continue with in the future. You must explain why a course of action is just, especially because people do not like change. Jeffrey D. Ford explains in his article, Decoding Resistance to Change, that people under you who have to actually implement the change you seek have not necessarily internalized the change as much as you have, and you need to give them ample awareness (Ford, pg. 3). Error 2: Not…

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  • Summary Of Decoding Your Dog

    There are multiple contributing authors of Decoding Your Dog. Their qualifications are stellar and although most practice or have practiced Veterinary Medicine in the United States, two are Canadian, Gary Landsberg of Thornhill, Ontario and Mary P. Klinck of Montreal, Quebec. All of the authors have extensive training in behaviour and have all earned the designation DACVB (Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists) in addition to their DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine). Some…

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  • Analysis: Decoding The Grimm Brothers

    Decoding the Grimm Brothers "Once Upon a Time" is a very common introduction to a fairy tale. Many fairy tales are well known by people throughout the globe. People may know these tales but they do not actually know what they mean. The Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales contain much symbolism and unique stylistic trends which have the ability to drastically change the meaning of each story that the brothers wrote. Some of these symbolic aspects include childhood innocence, justice and vengeance. A…

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  • Decoding Media And Social Position Analysis

    In the chapter “Decoding Media and Social Position”, David Croteau and William Hoynes discuss the interpretation of mass media. They also try to explain the correlation that mass media has to social positions that individuals are given. According to them, it is no longer plausible to decode media based on the message given in its content. In modern society, it is now required for researchers to look at the multiple interpretations that are given with a certain example of mass media. The writers…

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