The Book Blah Blah By Peter Hayes Gries

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For many years there has been there has been political strain psychologically between the United States and China. The Book Blah Blah by Peter Hayes Gries is a political Psychologist that has taken a deeper look into the relationship with China and the United States through a different lens. Gries is not a historian which allows him to use a different form of methodology to study the relationship between China and the United States. Gries uses applied social psychology to explore the topic further. The claim is that when there is a certain perception of a relationship between two countries becomes a reality. The core belief it that a group of people cannot just simply learn to speak a new language and feel as though they can speak on topics …show more content…
Like most events that have happened ancestors that pass down stories shapes how the future generation will perceive something based on what the elders have told them, and the same thing happened with Chinese nationalist when those stories were told is molded the Chinese way of thinking about the United States. Street protest took place in China and this is a clear indication of how the people felt about the United States when the high point of the events took place after the Belgrade Chinese Embassy bombing in 1999. This bombing was labeled as accidental and it killed three Chinese citizens that were journalist. The bomb was not an accident but rather it was fully intentional in where it hit the building because this is where the radio transmitters were and much of the intelligence communication was coming from this location. This strongly angered the Chinese because it was not just an accidental bombing, but it was a direct attack on the sovereignty of their Embassy. This anger that was shown goes back to the idea of ideological predispositions because of nationalism which is at the heart of the Chinese communist party. Imperialist exploitation from the west and the Japanese brings out a deep-rooted anger and the Chinese no longer stand by but rather take back their pride. The Chinese had to sign the treaty of Nanking when they had lot the first opium war to the British which was just the beginning of the century of humiliation for the Chinese. Following this one event takes a series of events that spirals into the century of humiliation and begins the narrative of showing just how much the west is an imperialist

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