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  • Michael Filzof's 'Obamas Gun Control Lies'

    In the article published January 6, 2016 in the American Thinker titled “Obamas Gun Control Lies”, Michael Filozof is attempting to demonstrate that Obama is violating the Fifth Amendment of the Bill of rights by trying to introduce new and stricter laws in regards to gun control. He attempts to show the “lies” behind Obamas proposal and compares him to that of other dictators in history. The first paragraph of the article Filozof makes use of name calling and euphemisms, which speak more to his…

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  • Gun Violence Research Paper

    One social problem in which has been an ongoing growing problem is crime/violence among the younger generation. The main emphasis that will be discussed is gun violence among the youth and how this issue is turning into a tragic epidemic. Far too many children have access to guns and or weapons, whether it is in their own homes or in the vicinity. This is turning into a new serious epidemic that needs to be controlled and contained before things end up worse. Each day, sadly the news reports…

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  • The Importance Of Gun Death In The United States

    I believe that in the US Constitution when it gives citizens the right to bear arms, it means that anyone of age, so anyone 18 and over can carry a gun. I do believe there should be gun control, but to an extent. I believe if you are 18 year or older and have no criminal record you should be able to carry a gun, but at the same time I think that if everyday citizens didn’t have these guns there would be less deaths per year. If you have a criminal record before the age of 18, I think there…

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  • Taser Gun

    For this paper the topic I chose to get informed about was the Taser. Throughout this paper, I will be discussing what a Taser is by defining it and giving some examples of what it can look like, who is allowed to carry a Taser lawfully, how someone can obtain or purchase a Taser, and finally the benefits of owning a Taser. For starters, some of you may be wondering what is a Taser? Well according to the Metropolitan Police website, the definition of a Taser is stated as “a less lethal single…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Toy Guns

    Toy guns were created around eighteen sixty-five, following the Civil War and were intended for the playful use of children. By giving them an object similar to a real gun, it gave children an opportunity to escape the harsh aftermath of the war through pure imaginative roleplay including but not limited to: cops and robbers, war play, etc. Sadly, in today’s society the facetious nature of toy guns has been altered from what it was originally intended for. Because of the unforeseen affects it…

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  • Pro Gun Control Essay

    Gun Control With many shootings and massacres happening within the past decade, gun control has become the heated topic of today’s society. There’s a debate on the legislation of gun control, determining rather or not legislation is needed. Those in the support of more legislation on gun control believe that the number of deaths caused by guns will be brought down. According to the Counterpoint Article, Japan and England hold some of the strictest gun control laws, leading to the results in…

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  • Parent Map Advertisement Analysis

    Innocence Lost Looking at this Parent Map ad, instantly gives off the vibe of seriousness and helplessness. The boy named James is holding a gun, and his face is focused with light so the audience’s eyes are drawn to his sad expressions which will sway them feeling sorry for the children. The writing on the ad indicates every thirty minutes a child dies or is injured from a gun. The print on the ad is a good visual that gets right to the point. When looking at the ad you see the light…

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  • The Importance Of Gun Laws

    When it comes to the topic of gun laws I am strongly convinced that we will never meet an agreement among everyone in the United States. Then again, I am confident when I say there is nothing in the world that will ever produce a mutual agreement between everyone. Due to varies opinions and beliefs. This is just how the world has and always will work. Many topics are in debate and forever will be, such as abortions, politics, marijuana usage, gay marriage, taxes, and so much more. For example, I…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Gun Violence On Campus

    Gun Violence on campus has been a recurring issue in the past several years with several instances of the mass shooting like the ones in Arizona state university and on Virginia tech. “.Timothy Wheeler wrote a piece called “There 's a reason they choose schools” which was published On May 1,2007,in the issue of National Review.In this article,Wheeler talks about how there may need to be a need to allow guns on campus so we can better protect ourselves against shooters.Another piece used is the…

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  • Wayne Lapierre's Argument Analysis

    The Second Amendement gave us the right to bear armes. Wayne LaPierre listed arguments to support why armed guards should be in schools. These arguments include LaPierre saying as parents we do everything we can to keep our children safe, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, and a gun in the hands of the Secret Service Agents and a soldier protecting the President and the country isn’t a bad word. Wayne LaPierre also asked his readers why the idea of a gun is…

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