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  • Air Defense History

    Many people may not know that Air Defense Artillery lineage comes from Coastal Artillery Corps. It was created after the revolutionary war in order to protect the United States coasts against naval attacks and bombardments by ships. Air Defense Artillery has come a long way and has had to continuously evolve in order to protect the US from adversaries and danger. From the Multiple Gun Motor Carriage M-16 Halftrack to Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, the mission has always been to protect…

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  • Chipyong-Ni Battle Analysis

    Full Battle Analysis of the Conflict at Chipyong-Ni Throughout the history of the world, there have been conflicts between countries and their neighbors. Many of these conflicts have resulted in wars that have raged on across borders and homelands. Some of the most defining battles throughout our world history have taken place overseas in foreign land where the enemy has the supreme advantage. One of the most decisive and important battles in the worlds history was the Battle of Chipyong-Ni.…

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  • Russian Military Strategic Analysis

    energy needs. The Russian military is also one of the most powerful in the world. Reforms in 2008 meant that Russia was updating and and modernizing its military. With around 750,000 troops, and a the third largest military budget in the world Russia is a reinvigorated power. Russia also plans to increase their military budget in the coming years. Additionally with a stockpile of around 7,700 nuclear weapons the Russian Federation can blow the world to bits and still have Nuclear warheads to…

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  • The Influence Of The Somme Offensive On The Western Front

    defenses. As the rounds were being delivered with the upmost urgency, the British used their forward positions in the newly conquered trenches to better see the placement of the German defensives. With one of the world’s greatest concentration of howitzers behind them, the British Officers began to prefect not only their forward observation skills, but skills needed to make proper adjustments. As the battle wore on, the quick learning British soldiers also implemented the proper math steps…

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  • Things That Keep You Busy Research Paper

    What are the things that tend to keep you busy and take up a vast majority of your time? Is it school, work, your hobbies, or your friends and family? Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily activities that we forget why we do them. The things that keep me busy the most in my life are my work, school, and my family. All of these things are in some way or another important and well connected to my way of life. Work seems to take up the majority of my time and energy. It is an important aspect…

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  • Saudi Arabia Operational Environment

    Saudi Arabia: Contemporary Operational Environment Looking at Saudi Arabia, we must first analyze what makes a massive, barren landscape hospitable to more than 31 million Saudis. 129,000 miles of border and 158 miles of coastline including the only country with both the Red Sea and Persian Gulf access makes Saudi Arabia a very viable trade route. What exports does this country produce to sustain itself and its military? How does Religion play into its politics? Where does the loyalty of its…

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  • Myer's Briggs Type Indicator Essay

    charge at all times. As an introvert, however, I prefer to be more conscientious and quiet as I analyze problems. This has sometimes caused my Soldiers to doubt whether I am capable of problem solving. In a field problem a few months ago, our howitzers were shooting 2,000m off from the target. I worked through the different possibilities that might be causing the problem in my head and identified the source of the error. My Soldiers gained confidence in my ability to solve problems because…

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  • Technological Innovations In World War

    calculations in combination with range settings, the foundation for “subsequent twentieth-century field gunnery”(Herrmann p.80). The German and French 150mm and 155mm Heavy howitzer variations had better range, accuracy, and well as force at impact, but required to be towed into the front by horse or motorized means, only the German 150mm howitzer had the ability to be wheeled in like the smaller field guns(Herrmann p.81). Smaller arms such as pistols and rifles come in various sizes with…

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  • 1962 Szczecin Military Parade Gone Wrong

    Article for 60-70's 1962 Szczecin Military Parade Gone Wrong! Soviet Union Tried to Cover it up for YEARS... October 9th, 1962, the long awaited parade of the Szczecin military was traveling down the street. Little did anyone expect such a tragedy to occur. The year of 1962 in Poland was already a tense and hectic year. With the growing tension of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the threat of war between the Western and Eater Bloc, ideas for lightening the mood were needed. With this is…

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  • Olyphant Elementary School Research Paper

    In September of 1969, I was five years old, and I started to attend kindergarten. This was the first school year for the newly organized Mid-Valley School District. The new proper name of our school was the Olyphant Elementary School, but we commonly referred to it as the Mid-Valley Elementary School in Olyphant. My classroom was in the part of the building that used to be the Olyphant Central School; the part that was dedicated in 1910. This was the same school building in which my…

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