Russian Military Disadvantages

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energy needs. The Russian military is also one of the most powerful in the world. Reforms in 2008 meant that Russia was updating and and modernizing its military. With around 750,000 troops, and a the third largest military budget in the world Russia is a reinvigorated power. Russia also plans to increase their military budget in the coming years. Additionally with a stockpile of around 7,700 nuclear weapons the Russian Federation can blow the world to bits and still have Nuclear warheads to spare.
Radical Islamics are at this time a grave threat to the United States and its interests overseas. Both ISIS and Al-Qaeda represent a possible flaw of oversight in the American military strategy. The United States was at one time a master at guerrilla
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For example, in World War One the first couple of months were disasters for both the Central Powers and Allies and they lost thousands of men because they failed to come to terms with new trench warfare. In World War One, the machine gun, barbed wire, the trench were kings and military planners failed to come up with a effective solution. They failed to contemplate how technologies like the affected how wars were fought. The same thing happened in World War Two, where France and England were wholly unprepared for the Nazi blitzkrieg which resulted in the defeat of France in six weeks despite the allies having more men and better equipment. The Nazis did this because they embraced new technology and thought of how to apply them to win wars when everyone else was two decades behind. A lesson can be learned from this. We should not become so rooted in one type of mindset. Today we are all about shock and awe. This is a good strategy that has been proven to work well on conventional forces as seen in the Gulf Wars. However we cannot afford to believe, like the British and French did, that the world will not change. We need to be able to plan for the future and more importantly be able to quickly adapt. This is something that we have failed to do during the insurgency following the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The Invasion was a huge success, …show more content…
They contend that the United States has already cut down its personal numbers and equipment enough from the cold war. US military personnel went from over two million in the early 1990s to its present day 1.4 million. They state that a strong America is good for the world and that that will provide global stability, America also must be powerful enough to deal with emerging threats, defense spending is unlike other spending because protecting the nation is the government’s first job. It’s in the Constitution. Republican party members also bring up good

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