Did The American Strategy Win The Cold War? Essay

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To the question “Did the American Strategy win the Cold War?”, I chose the Vietnam War between 1964 and 1968 as a suitable example of how the American strategy was developed in a real context.
In 1950 the NSC-68 exposed the strategic concept used at the beginning of the Cold War by US. This report emerged as a response to the communist threat against the democratic and liberal values of the US , as the individual freedom and capitalism, and at the same time the defence against external threat. The document contrasted the US model against the USSR model, and assembled the previous Truman Doctrine , developed in the early years of the Cold War, which exposed that it was necessary confront the communist spread through the word.
A short background about the situation of Vietnam before the intervention of US is necessary. After the II World War, the Indochina War confront the colonised territories of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos against the French forces to achieve their independence. This conflict ended in 1954 with the signature of the Geneva Accord and the split of Vietnam in two different countries taking the 17th parallel as the demarcation between North and South, and the idea of reunification of the country in two years after . North Vietnam was under communist control, while the South was under the US umbrella.
The South Vietnam Government, supported by US, was unable to control in an effective way the country. Besides, the actions of the North Vietnam guerrillas…

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