Why Was The United States Responsible For The Cold War Essay

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To start with, the cold war was long period of disputes between the west world and communist countries of Eastern Europe. The cold war didn’t happen long after world war two ended in 1945. They Soviets (USSR) did end up winning the war. In this paper I will be explaining the reasons why I chose that the United States (US) was responsible for causing the cold war. In addition I will be giving you examples and reasons why I believe those examples are relivate to the idea of containment. Containment is the action of keeping something harmful under control or within limits. Furthermore, I will be listing a few of the Soviets accomplishments.
Cold war causes During World war two, the United States and The Soviet Union stood aside
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The United States and Soviet Union were once allies and all of a sudden the US turned their back on them and didn’t want anything to do with the Soviet Union. They were very controlling and didn’t want anyone to mess up their plans, especially the Soviet Union. However, the US tried to force their believes on to other countries and the soviets got upset because they weren’t allowed to do so.
Another reasons why I believe that the US is responsible for the cold war is because they were very imposing. They were so determined to make others believe what they believed which is capitalism. They always made threats which forced the Soviet Union to stay on their toes, and caused them to be paranoid. Due to their threats it was very hard for both sides to overpower each other because they had such a wanting to defeat each other they went with all they had.
Finally, the last reason why I believe that united states in responsible is because they were the first to attack the USSR. They used atomic bombs that they created which caused even more conflicts with the United States so they were even more aggressive and non-compliant. The first atomic bomb they made was on July 16, 1945. Due to that tensions rose even
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They were very imposing and forced their political//economical believes on to others, they also where threatening and lastly, the US was the first to create the atomic bomb in July of 1945. The United States policy of Containment was made because to prevent or contain the spreading of communism. There are many examples of containment such as; Truman document, Marshall Plan and West Berlin. They were all examples because of the actions that the US and the USSR had taken. As a final point, the Soviet union accomplish a lot in just a few years. They expanded their land, they increased their amount of weaponry and they increased their population which can hold a factor on to being that they were

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