Truman's Involvement: Who Started The Cold War?

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The answer to the question, “Who started the Cold War?”, has been the subject of debate for 70 years. Unlike a situation where the first bomb is dropped or weapon fired, the start of the Cold War was more subtle and shrouded with a cloak of opposing ideologies. Ultimately, the Cold War sprung up as a result of the controversy between communism and capitalism. The differences are most pronounced with respect to the economic systems. In communist controlled countries, private ownership of property and business is forbidden and the 'society ' or government owns everything. Capitalism stands for individual freedom, choice, private ownership and entrepreneurship. While the Soviet Union was intent on spreading communism to Eastern European countries, …show more content…
This was perceived as a ploy to “re-establish the encirclement of unfriendly neighbors, which might serve as a springboard of still another effort to destroy them.” according to Secretary of Commerce and former Vice President, Henry Wallace, in a letter to President Harry S. Truman. 1946 This letter was written by Vice President Henry Wallace in July, 1946, and it was directed towards President Truman. Wallace expresses his opinion regarding Truman’s approach to the Cold War, which he believed was irresponsible and illogical. The main idea of this document was how the US illustrated itself as a threat to other countries.
Wallace criticized Truman’s tactics, as he explained that the use of Truman’s atomic bomb was intimidating to the rest of the world. Wallace questioned the actions of the US and he implied that America had set itself up for disaster. This document is significant because it proves how even a loyal man, such as the Vice President, still recognized the faults and misconduct of the United States in response to the Cold

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