Cold War Impact

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The Cold War had a very influencing impact on several different events that occurred in our society as a whole. Many antagonist beliefs occurred during this war because the Soviet Union practiced communism and authoritarianism while the Americans believed in capitalism and democracy. These two ruling supremacies worked together but also had a continuous conflict after the conclusion of WWII. The Soviet leader was Josef Stalin. Stalin was seen as another “Hitler” for intention to control all of Europe. This conflict was what initially started the Cold War. An example of communist expansionism being stopped by the Americans was during the two major wars of the Vietnam and Korean War. Although these two wars had major impacts on our country, …show more content…
The peninsula was split into two zones and the USSR owned the north while the United States owned the south. The United States had an idea of partitioning Korea to decrease the chance of the Soviet Union taking over everything they owned. In 1950, the democrat government of South Korea and the United States went to war against North Korea. The Chinese communist government was being heavily aided with military necessities. A surprise attack was put on us by North Korea during June in 1950. The success the communists were having majorly caught Truman off guard. We had no choice but to involve our American soldiers to help the fight. We did this because a global risk of a communism breakout was at stake. They needed to defeat it first hand to solve the problem as soon as possible. US soldiers eventually fought the communists back onto the North Korean side. Once there, they decided to keep the fight going and drive on to the north side of Korea. They wanted to finish communism for good by fighting all the way to the border in between China and North Korea. The military forces was too strong and the Americans had no other choice but to return back to South Korea. The Korean War ended up being a conflict that affected many globally. The conclusion of the war caused Americans to become allies with Japan. We helped them majorly economically with American aid. A perimeter was established to defend communism in East Asia. This increased our interest in other regional civil wars like the one that happens later on during the Cold War in Vietnam. America is still known today as having one of the strongest armed borders known on

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