Cold War Dbq Analysis

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Following World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union emerged as the two superpowers. This created a rivalry between these two nations that became known as the Cold War. While the Cold War affected United States foreign policy, it also had a great effect on United States domestic policy and on American society. Such example existed between the spread of Communism, American fears and the efforts in the war. These various new policies created during the era of war crisis sets a framework on American’s way of living and their impact on home front.

During the start of the Cold War, the Soviet and the American separated into two political, communist and capitalist. During the era of war crisis, American feared that the Soviet plans a
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Based on document 4, people were protesting on the street to expresses their resentfulness towards the “red”. The “red” that is quoted in this case is referred to the communist people. The result of this trial caused many American to feel intolerance toward them. In the photograph, people were hold posters stating “Rosenberg traitors must due for their crime”. This thus shows people’s hatred towards what they referred to as the “traitors”. This promoted a similar situation of the red scare that occurred in 1920’s, however, people’s reaction toward this case are more intense. Therefore, this thus shows that communist have an impact not only the policies created to retain containment or preventing the spread, but also have great impact on America’s life and attitude towards them.

During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union embarked on a competition to develop more powerful and destructive nuclear weapons. However, American life is also put into jeopardy. Americans were scared from any nuclear bomb that will result in the country. In document 5, it shows that Americans were preparing for possible communist-provoked nuclear attack by creating a “bomb shelter” where fallout shelters are created around their homes to provide protection from radiation. By simply building these structures to save their lives, this thus also shows their fear toward the nuclear war between the two

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