The Cold War : A Very Short Introduction Essay

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Book Review
Author: Robert J. McMahon
Title: The Cold War: A Very Short Introduction
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Place and Date of Publication: New York, 2003
Topic and Scope: In The Cold War: A Very Short Introduction, Robert J. McMahon discusses a general account of the Cold War, spanning the period from 1945 to the finale of the Soviet-American confrontation in 1990. McMahon discusses key events, trends, and themes that that highlighted key players, such as Stalin, de Gaulle, and Reagan. He also devotes much attention to the Cold War 's domestic as well as international effects. McMahon also discusses the impact of the Cold War and its conflict in the Third World, as well as on the West and on Asia. Overall, this book gave a glimpse of the Cold War and how the world was affected by the strong tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union after they emerged as superpowers when WWII ended.
Thesis: McMahon argues how the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States affected each country domestically, but also affected many countries globally, especially Third World countries such as Africa, Asia/South East Asia, and Latin America. The tensions the Cold War sparked proxy wars and national and global fear of nuclear war in many areas. McMahon proves his argument by providing important evidence and key vivid details of the events that took place during the Cold War.

Point of View: I felt that McMahon focuses more of his political viewpoints…

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