Things That Keep You Busy Research Paper

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What are the things that tend to keep you busy and take up a vast majority of your time? Is it school, work, your hobbies, or your friends and family? Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily activities that we forget why we do them. The things that keep me busy the most in my life are my work, school, and my family. All of these things are in some way or another important and well connected to my way of life.
Work seems to take up the majority of my time and energy. It is an important aspect of my life, but far from the most important. When it comes to work I am a self-driven and highly motivated person, who knows where I currently am in my career and the goals I want to achieve. I 'm an active duty Sergeant in the United States Army. I have been in the army for a little
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All I can say is that all things happen for a reason and that my due season is on its way. I am missing out on the family time right now, but I do so in hope for a brighter feature for me and my family. My wife 's name is Patricia and is the smartest and most beautiful person inside and out. She is currently going to school at Temple College to become a nurse. Without my wife by my side to support and push me to strive to do better every single day I would never be where I am today. I have the most amazing, beautiful, and talented daughters a father could ever ask for. My oldest daughter 's name is Hailey and is seven years old. She is very smart and opinionated. She attends first grade at Central Texas Christian Schools and loves it there very much. My youngest daughter Leah is five years old and likes to always playing jokes on everyone. Some of the activities they love to do include singing, dancing, swimming and bowling. They both love horses and take horseback riding lessons on a weekly bias. All in all my wife and kids are the most loving, caring and influential people in my

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