The Importance Of Gun Death In The United States

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I believe that in the US Constitution when it gives citizens the right to bear arms, it means that anyone of age, so anyone 18 and over can carry a gun. I do believe there should be gun control, but to an extent. I believe if you are 18 year or older and have no criminal record you should be able to carry a gun, but at the same time I think that if everyday citizens didn’t have these guns there would be less deaths per year. If you have a criminal record before the age of 18, I think there should be a certain amount of time, or if the crime was bad enough, you should lose the privilege to own a gun. I do think overall though, citizen should not be able to carry guns. There are so many gun death in the United States per year, which is scary …show more content…
You have to think that it is scary going out everyday risking your life to keep civilians safe, your life is at risk and you have to do what you have to do to not die. I think there is a lower amount of respect for cops lately, people are not respecting them and not listening to orders and then wonder why bad things happen to them. There is also bad cops out there though, that do take advantage of the badge and they do people wrong, and kill innocent lives. It’s hard to say how to fix this issue, because it’s not always known who the bad cop is until sadly a life is lost. I think to help with this they need to be keeping better tabs on officers, and let the public know, because we obviously aren 't aware that you need to listen to cops.
It’s hard to say if there is such thing as a “just war”. I think I’d say no, because fighting violence with violence just creates more violence. I do not feel it is worth risking even more people 's lives to fight back against whatever attack. Unless that is, these attacks keep coming and people keep dying. If there is nothing you can do to resolve these problems without fighting, then you have to, but this is only if whoever is attacking is a constant threat. Or, if you know few to none of your men will die from

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