Gun Control And The Second Amendment

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The government tries to take control guns that are carried in the United States. Should the government even go that far to stop people from doing what they feel is best? The government and states should not control guns to such extents. People have the right to carry weapons as long as it is for defense and that is under protection from the United States Amendment II. Gun control violates the Second Amendment. There is civilian need to carry weapons for protection on a daily basis. States that don’t have gun control laws actually have lower murder rates due to the fact that the crooks have a sense of being afraid not knowing whether the victim will have an weapon for self defense. Laws do not apply to criminals thus leaving the rest of the …show more content…
Information of crimes doesn’t usually get sent into the law enforcement until the event just happened and or when it’s too late. When people are in such countries or states in the United States that have strict gun laws more people tend to die. When people have guns and something occurs they can take the job for themselves and decide on a quick notice whether they have to take action or not. The crucial moments from when an assailant fires his weapon and from when law enforcement shows up could even be up within the few minute mark, those moments are the life and death moments for the average civilian being in the crossfire of the assailant. If an average person had an weapon to protect himself, imagine what could happen at that moment. Lifes will be definitely saved at the time even if one single person were to be armed. The connection between self defense and guns is a big topic and debate all around the States. Some might state that people don’t need guns for self defense because others don’t know what guns can cause and don’t take it seriously, however there hasn’t been a case in a long time where someone didn’t know what they were doing and misfired, there is a reason why there is an age limit for owning a carry arm. Many also say that guns are the reason why people die, but actually the person who fires the gun is the person who kills the other, not the gun actually. The gun only does the work, while the person actually decides to kill. A recent event happened in Australia 12/15/14 where one single terrorist took hostage of 17 people in a cafe at a fairly populated area. Australia is home of strict gun laws preventing many civilians from carrying weapons that could save many lives at times like this event. Australia has around 175,000 civilians with carry arm pistols. Even though that does mean less crime at some times, it means that some event’s like this one can’t be

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