Arguments For Gun Control Essay

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Stand Up for What America Needs It is very upsetting that in the world today that we have to live in, we have disagreements about topics like this. Some say that these new gun control laws are messing with our rights to bear arms which is stated in our Second Amendment. We have the right to bear arms. It is our constitutional right and no one or no thing should tamper with it. There is a lot of crime in this world and a lot of it associates with gun use, but taking away guns isn’t the best option. Putting restrictions and so forth on the use of buying and selling of guns is the best way to go. Many arguments out there say that if they were to allow someone to have a gun then it will automatically turn into a murder or big crime. Whatever happened …show more content…
Some people think that it is way too easy to get a gun, which is true in some cases. Most are able to go up to the counter at gun stores show proof that they are old enough to receive a gun and purchase it. These guns are by no means cheap, but worth the price if they help the job at hand, hunting and so forth. However, not all these people that are buying a gun are out to kill someone or start a mass shooting. Not everyone in this world is a bad person. The other argument about why these gun control laws are a good thing, is that people believe that there should be a more strict screening before the purchasing of a firearm. This idea isn’t a bad idea at all. In fact, this should be put into place. There should be some restrictions though. This idea of a strict screening could take weeks, even months before the purchaser will know if the firearm is able to be bought. What if the firearm is needed for protection or a big hunting trip? Some tend to forget that not everybody is a mass murderer and may actually use these guns for good. A pro to gun control is also that gun control laws are needed to protect women from abusers and stalkers (“Gun Control -”). If the guns are taken away, then the death and abuse of women won’t go as far as it does today. Women won’t be abused with guns or even killed. There is a simple fix to this problem. Get with another guy! Women should be strong and walk away from any life threatening issues or relationships. It may not seem easy now, but it will surely help in the long

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