Persuasive Speech On Gun Control

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In America there practically is a mass shooting every day according to a mass shooting tracker. Where more than four people die in one incident. This is not even taking into account the number of accidents and gun related violence that result in the death of less than four people. America cannot go on like this. The very things we buy to protects ourselves are the things that our killing us. While I do not believe we should completely get rid of guns, I think there should be tight restrictions on who is able to own a gun.
I believe only game hunters and our military should have the right to own guns and they should only be able to get them if they pass things such as a mental stability test. I know people want to be able to defend themselves
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The right to bear arms is our Second Amendment. What people need to understand is that these laws were made a very long time ago. This amendment was made so that we would have a chance to fight back at the government if they ever got too tyrannical. The thing is, our government could never be anything but a democracy. It is one of the things we are most known for and no one would stand for it if we became anything but. Now, would taking away all of the citizens guns and letting the military still have them give the government a chance to become more overpowering? Maybe, but it comes down to this question. How many people can you let die in order to keep the mindset of old white men from the 1800s. If you believe that you need to be able to protect yourself, then the question would be; why do you not trust the police to protect you? It’s understandable that some people do not trust the police with how they’ve been acting lately but when it comes down to it they are who you call if there is a burglar in your house or if a dispute is getting too violent. If you can’t trust them to help you when they have guns will you be able to trust them when they don’t? I think it will be much easier for our citizens to let cops into their homes when they believe that the police are not in possession of any immediately deadly weapons. …show more content…
I think something like this could work for the United States too if our citizens were less rowdy. While gun control will probably never work for this country just because of the citizens who believe their rights to be more important than the lives of many, it is important to try to reduce as much of these violent crimes and suicides relating to guns as possible so that we can be safer as a

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