Pro Gun Control

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Gun control causes a lot of violence and crime in the U.S., there needs to be more restrictions. Make it harder for Americans to purchase handguns, but can carry them as concealed weapons for protection. In the last year, ten thousand seven hundred and twenty eight people died from getting shot by a handgun(Gun-Control Dishonesty). Handguns should only be for protection, not because you want to kill someone. The second amendment states that it is your right to bear arms(Gun Control Costing States). Bear arms means you can carry firearms. My family and I own guns and we use them for protection, and sometimes we go to the range for fun to shoot. Shooting guns is a competitive sport, so it can be good and bad. It’s just people don’t need to be carrying them around to be …show more content…
It is 100% impossible to confiscate millions of weapons, but if we could put a few restrictions on purchasing guns, and using guns we could reduce the crime rate by at least half( Instead of us focusing on gay marriage laws we need to be focusing on gun control and protecting our country. Our biggest enemy is ourselves. We inflict so much crime and violence on ourselves, it is unbelievable. We sell weapons to people who shouldn’t be allowed to posses a weapon. Our country also sells weapons to foreign countries for aid and protection which can cost us in the future. Gun control is a serious problem because there more and more cases of students bring guns to school. Also there are more intruders that enter a school and shoot it up because they are mentally challenged that need help which is why it is a great idea to have a resource officer at every school. If we had more regulations and rules it would make it harder for perpetrators to get a gun and shoot up a school or any public place. In April the senate rejected the gun control proposal because there are too many gun

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