Compare And Contrast Nationalism And Populism

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Crystal Malmgren

Dr. Robar

Essay 1

October 8, 2017

Nationalism and populism play a big part in our political system. But not a lot of people understand there are different political views, where they come from, or how they started. Many people also have their own opinions about certain political views. First, I will review nationalism's history and what viewpoints it holds. Then I will talk about populism's history and what view point it holds in America.

Nationalism is the oldest ideology in the world and it is the most powerful political idea for the past three hundred years. I find this view wrong because in today's society democracy is known best around the world. Nationalism is a response to the growth of trade and communication.
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64), which leads to one country being more powerful than others and last time that happened we ended up with World war I and World war II. Nationalism can be good for American but it can lead to many problems and even a war. That is why watching what our government does is very important. But populism is hardly head of but it also has a big effect on America.

Populism has a belief that people are the soul of society. I believe America has the same aspect that is why our government is trying to keep us, the people under control because strong people are able to build society up and if it builds up to big the government might not be able to control it, and they know we won’t give up our rights so easily. Populism is a theme form Marxism.

The government has tried to limit the rights of its citizens but as you can see from the news as it constantly talks about gun control it is not working very well. The government also knows that it cannot take everyone's guns because that would include taking the militaries guns away unless in the time of war. Which also leads me to a fact that all governments throughout the world aim for a large military, so limiting guns will not help America reach that goal either. That would also make America no longer a superpower and our government would never want that to

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