We Need More Gun Control

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Everyday in our country more and more people are dying from guns. Which is why we need better gun control. The right to bear arms is starting to infringed on every ones right to pursue happiness. My whole life I have lived in Cleveland, Ohio and since it 's an open carry state. Meaning that it is legal to carry a gun as you walk down the street, as long as you have a license. The fear of being shot by a gun is all to high. We need better gun control because people getting shot is becoming all to common in our country, and we have so many other options that we can use that isn 't a gun. As I stated earlier, people getting shot is becoming all to common. It is so common to hear about somebody getting shot by a police officer, that people can continue on with there day as if nothing had happened. For example, 12 year old Tamar …show more content…
This is an important question to ask because how are they helping society. One might answer they keep us safe. But how is this keeping us safe. If Sam( a random person) buys a gun to protect himself from Adam who has a gun. Then Adam might buy a gun to keep himself safe from Sam and Bruce. Then Bruce will buy a gun to protect himself from Sam, Adam and Amy. Then we have a whole snowball effect of people who are paranoid because other people own a gun and they want to remain safe. Though it always appears to me that guns cause more problems then solve. I bring this up because ever since the Paris attacks and the San Bernadino incident, their has been an increase of gun sales. Which in turn will cause more gun related death and injury among the people of the United States of America. So by imposing a better gun control laws we can keep all of these people who are scared for there life safe from crazy maniacs and clumsy individuals who don 't really deserve the right to own a gun. Also some might add that they are hunters and have a hunting license. To which I will reply,

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