Argument Against Gun Violence

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William S. LaPierre from “Crime is the Basic Problem, Not Guns” claims that, “America has a crime problem, not a gun problem.” Anti-gun activists believe that by taking guns away the crime rate will drop. They believe it is too dangerous for the public especially for our children. If a new gun law were to be put in place, one that would state that guns are illegal, crime would most likely not change. People would be left defenseless against criminals. Gun proponents feel it is their right to own a gun, as it is clearly stated in the Second Amendment. In other words, it is the public’s right to be able to defend their loved ones as well as themselves. Many Americans are troubled everyday deciding whether keeping a gun in the …show more content…
Violent criminals, our constitutional rights, and a sense of security are what should motivate our society to have the right to bare-arms. Looking at William S. Robinson’s article titled “A Teacher Considers Gun Violence on Campus,” Philip Van said it best, “If students and teachers were armed they wouldn’t die like sheep, they would be able to fight back.” If people think that statement is wrong, does that mean a teacher does not have the right to defend themselves against students that are willing to walk on to the campus, and open fire? Van is talking about the Virginia Tech University shooting but this applies to all people in all situations. If guns are taken away from citizens who legally obtain them and their own agenda is to protect themselves; we would be forcing them to “bring a knife to a gun fight” against felons who illegally obtain their guns. The public will be forced to sit there until law enforcement arrives, and that is assuming the worst had not yet happened. We have seen this happen far too many times. When are we going to realized that guns are not what are killing people, but rather people choose to kill people? Let’s teach ourselves, along with our children, the importance of how to properly own a gun as well as how to use one. We are not talking about giving children or any individual in general, a gun for them to use whenever they want. This Nation’s public has the right to be able to defend and protect their loved ones and themselves; as well as the right to own a gun for a sense of security. According to Suzanna Gratia, a Texas Legislator “Carrying a gun does not guarantee that you will not get hurt, but it changes the

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