China Air Force Research Paper

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Today’s China is different from the past. It already has better army, navy, air force and weapons. For example, in the World War 2 , many countries had their own tank, battleship, aircraft and aircraft carry,but China only could borrow them from another country which already had such advanced technology. In China, they joined the war without any advanced machines. Nowadays, China is different from the rest, they already have their own army, navy and air force. They can make their own tank, battleship, aircraft and aircraft carry. Right now, many countries have been approved Chinese weapon, so the Chinese military can protect their people and land better than they did in their past. Chinese army has many new weapons. It is better than past …show more content…
China still has one aircraft carrier and they have another two are building and many submarine right now, so Chinese navy grow out of nothing, and it already have been better. Someone said: Chinese navy don’t need to do the first in the world, but it needs to protect the motherland territory and people. China has their own air force. They not only can make their own aircraft, but also can make other kinds of air. Air force is the most important. For example “during the 1930s, the Chinese Air Force was composed largely of foreign volunteers, at first Americans but later Italians. In 1937 the Air Force strength stood at 500 aircraft, but few of these were useful, and the remainders were destroyed by the Japanese in the air battles of 1937” (according to the Chinese Air Force, Fleet, and Communist Forces). China can’t make their own air force and aircraft. Although today’s China is still not very strong, and it already can design and construct their own aircraft. It is going to learn from the western developed countries. We already have J-20 and J-31, these as advanced as F-22 and F-35. China copied and changed some aircraft from Russia, whose name is J-11. China have their third generation fighter

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