Should Gun Control Laws Be Enacted?

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Gun control can go both ways. Either you completely support guns, or are utterly against them. There is an in between, but that does not really matter in this case, mostly because the in between people most likely do not care. In the many articles that I have read, it seems there are more people for the ban of guns rather than letting them just go around and be easily bought like they are now. I will bring up the pros and cons of having and not having guns. What America would be like if we did not have any guns at all, and what the critics have to say about both sides of the argument. The biggest pro I have seen so far is that gun control deters crime. Being able to carry a gun with you at all times makes most people feel safer than not having …show more content…
2016). Well why shouldn 't they? The gun laws are there to protect all the citizens of our country. To be able to trust that the person that is standing beside with a gun strapped to his/her side is mentally stable enough to not just pull it out and go on an insane killing spree shooting everyone around them. “More gun control laws would reduce gun deaths” (Pro 2). The harder to legally obtain a gun, the better. At least that is how I, and many others see it. In an article I had read, “How to Get a Gun License”, obviously explained the process on how to receive and keep a gun. The background checks and everything else falls into the line of whether or not you are and can be responsible enough to …show more content…
Many attributed this to the fact that men are made more comfortable with guns from an early age, from toys to hunting, and that women aren 't as often exposed.” (DePrang, 2016)
In this passage it explains why women are probably so different from men when it comes to gun laws. Boys grew up running around in their backyard chasing each other and playing cowboy with their toy guns. They, as said above, are more intune with guns, more than women. Now we are going to switch over to the pro of more gun laws according to mental health. It has been brought up a bit in the paragraphs before, but now I can actually elaborate on the subject. “More gun control leads to fewer suicides” (Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted?”,2016). The less amount of guns, the fewer amount of suicides, that is the most simple way I can put it. The more laws we have around guns, the harder it is for someone that is mentally sick to get one. According to the “Should More Gun Control Be Enacted” article, people are less likely going to kill themselves using poison or a knife if a gun is not

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