Gun Control: The Pros And Cons Of Gun Rights

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Gun Rights

There’s two sides you can believe about gun control. You can believe that guns create crimes or that guns can prevent crimes. People on the side that believe that guns create crimes, want to increase gun control; make more laws that restrict gun possession in certain locations, type of guns and ammunition that can be purchased. People on the side that believe guns can prevent crimes, want a decrease of gun control; less restrictions considering the possession of guns, type of guns, type of ammunition, and locations. Some people believe that certified citizens with their conceal carry license are still not certified to protect themselves or others, that they might mistake someone for a criminal or shooter, and that it will produce
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Certified conceal carry weapon(CCW) holders prevent crimes, they don’t commit them. There may have been some instances of CCW holders having their license revoked, or committed a crime, but that doesn’t mean it was a violent crime. Overall if they have their conceal carry license they are less likely to commit or be arrested for nonviolent or violent offenses. According to, “In Texas, citizens with a conceal carry license are 14 times LESS likely to commit a crime. They are also five times LESS likely to commit a violent crime.” In general, “people with conceal carry license are 5.7 times LESS likely to be arrested for violent offenses than the general public and are 13.5 times LESS likely to be arrested for nonviolent crimes than the general public(Smith,_____).” These facts are important because they show that law abiding citizens, that are certified to carry a concealed weapon are less likely to commit a crime, than the general public. This proves my claim because it provides evidence that they are less likely to commit crimes than the general public. Which backs up my thesis in that more people with conceal carry permits the better, meaning less …show more content…
They think that the more guns there are the more crimes and shootings there will be. Even though a law abiding citizen has a concealed weapon on them, they will not be able to prevent a mass shooting around them. But if you as a citizen are experiencing a mass murderer shooting up the streets, are you just going to watch him do it? Or be walking in the park with your family and have someone try to rob, kidnap, or kill one of your kids or wife at gun point, are you going to just let them do it? Tanushree Ghosh of the Huffington Post believes that even if she had a gun, she would not be able to counter an attack from a mass shooter, and possibly inflict more harm on the public. She says the shooter would probably have a more powerful weapon, that would inflict more damage in a shorter amount of time, and that she wouldn’t be able to counter the shooters attack even if she had an automatic assault rifle because there would be a possibility of causing more damage(Ghosh, 3-4). I agree that there is a possibility of causing more damage, but are you just going to let the shooter kill you and everybody else? What’s worse 1 to 4 dead verse 10 to 15 dead? Just because there is a possibility doesn’t mean you can’t try to save

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