Gun Control Negatives

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Gun Control in America has become a topic of debate lately by questioning our use of the second amendment and how we use it. Firearms can be used to cause mass homicide in schools (, or guns can also prevent burglary and theft in a gun owner’s home ( In short, guns are predominantly more beneficial to have than not to have (even with the chance of the owner misusing the firearm) because of the assurance and security it brings to the average gun owner.

First off, gun control has distinct negative outcomes that sway the minds of people to not support more gun control. In a poll of roughly 21 million people, 54% said no to increased gun control in the poll above; this shows that more than 8% of people do not want
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Mexico has stringent gun control laws and they still had 11,301 gun related murders in 2012 …show more content…
People are not perfect creatures, they make bad choices sometimes, the picture above is the embodiment of such negligence with guns (esham, 2014) ; five thousand seven hundred and forty adolescents died from gunfire in 2008 to 2009 (Gopnik, 2012). Guns can also make a person carrying a gun increase the chances of a confrontation turning lethal; a 2009 peer-reviewed study revealed that a person wielding a concealed handgun for self-defense is four and a half times more likely to be shot during an assault than a victim without a gun ( Having a gun in your home makes living statistically more dangerous; shown in one study, a gun used to kill a child or teenager in a homicide or suicide is actually the gun their family owned 72% of the time ( Given the data, gun control helps prevent citizens from accidentally hurting themselves and causing unnecessary gun retaliations when confronted with

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