Satirical Essay On Gun Violence

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If you read the newspaper or watched the news There’s always a story of someone getting shot or a shooting that took place, if you are like me you’re probably thinking to yourself, what is going on in America right now? The worst part about it is the fact that most of them are young African American teens. This problem keeps growing instead of decreasing. Our streets have become a battle field for thugs and gangsters to settle their disputes. We can’t allow this problem to continue growing, we must come up with a solution. In order to curtail gun violence, we have to enforce stricter gun safety law, reduce children’s exposure to guns. Although the second amendment gives citizens “the right to bear arm”. I suggest that before …show more content…
I can say that almost every single teenager has at least one social media account. We can’t blame social media for everything wrong with kids today. In fact, social media is not the problem, it how they use it. Some teens will use it in a positive way, others will use it in a terrible way where, they bully other kids or start rumors about innocent people. Without doubt when kids start drama on social media, it’s usually for something petty. What I don’t understand is how is something of small significance lead to someone taking to someone taking their peers and shooting them. I will never understand why someone would shoot someone else over something small. This is exactly what I learned in psychology about nature Vs. nurture which talk about whether a person a person is born (nature) or made (nurture) into who they are. I’ve come to the conclusion, that a person is made. If you think about, why is it mostly African American males who you mostly see on the news that shot this person. That might have something to do with the community or the house they grow up in, which has an effect on the way they solve problems and the way they see the world.
Moreover, why are so many young people dying from gun violence. Perhaps it has something to with kids not properly educated on the hazardous of guns. Like I mentioned earlier young people thinks it’s cool to carry a gun

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