Argumentative Essay: Can Guns Be A Criminal?

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In America most houses hold some sort of gun, maybe a pistol or even a rifle. In realization, guns are what people feel that will protect them and their family. The second Amendment states, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” (Sanford). That phrase has been around for a long time, telling us how we are able to keep our guns as we please. Even though Guns are able to protect a person and make people feel they are safe in a stressful situation, people are unaware that guns are what hurt people the most causing them to end a life or a serious injury. Although many people know how to use a gun and use them for many occasions, many people …show more content…
In many circumstances, people have lost possession of their gun because of something they had done people who has accused them of doing. Criminals should not own guns. What is a criminal? Well a criminal is some who is potentially out to hurt someone or more than one. In The Griffon News, Jerrod Huber states that “People with felony convictions claim these laws are unfair taking into consideration the nature of their crime. A person with a felony stealing charge doesn’t deserve a gun any more than a person convicted of murder.” In agreement with him, people in conviction should not complain about having their gun taken away; they did the wrong so they are paying the price. Criminals do not know how much they do wrong until they see where all their rights have been taken away. This also goes along with hunting, but Huber also explains that, “Some felony convicted criminals claim they want a gun to go deer hunting or competition skeet shooting, but how would anyone truly know that’s what they wanted it for.” If the government gave that criminal a chance, they would most likely not use it the way he was intended to. That is why they are cut off from weapons. This is why it is important that they register the gun and check their background. Garen Wintemute explains that, “As much as 40% of all gun sales are undocumented private party gun sales that do not require a background check (aka the "gun show loophole")”. In Consequence to knowing who and who should not own a gun, I believe that guns should be controlled to a certain extent. While a murderer may want to own a gun a man with a family will have one to protect his family from that murderer. There is no applicable reason why a criminal should own a gun. A person with a clean record has every reason to own a gun, whether it be to protect their

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