Gun Laws And Crime: A Complex Relationship By Adam Liptak Analysis

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The author of my article is Adam Liptak. Adam Liptak is an American journalist, lawyer and instructor in law and journalism. He joined the New York times in 2002 and began covering the Supreme Court in the fall of 2008. Liptak went to school at Yale University, Yale Law School. His article “Gun Laws and crime: a complex relationship” was published by New york times on June 29, 2008, the article gives 5 reasons as to why or why not gun laws should be stricter.
In the article Gun Laws and crime: A complex Relationship by Adam Liptak he argues that criminals are least likely to obey gun laws than people with clean records. In the article “A New York Times study of the 1,662 murders in that city between 2003 and 2005 found that more than 90 percent
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I believe this argument is true because there are statistics from past studies that show that criminals are less likely to obey the law than “good people”. From the article Gun Control Restricts Those Least Likely to Commit Violent Crimes Don B. Kates Jr. found that between 2003 and 2005 90% of fatalities were linked to people with criminal backgrounds. In Atlanta 80% of the murders were linked to people with previous drug history. This just proves that people with past criminal records are more than likely related to gun related murders, than people with clean …show more content…
But my big thing is with people that use guns for self defense is, the kind of people that use the gun for self defense. For example some one that is in a gang or just gets into trouble should be revoked from using a gun for self defense. Because they are more than likely to use the gun when they are mad at someone and call it self defense. While some one with a good record, good steady job, etc. Should have the right to a gun because they are more than likely would be scared to use it and just use it to scare people off. I don 't agree with the argument of banning gun laws. I don 't agree with because when the government bans gun laws they banned it from the wrong people there for increasing the crime rate.. For example when they set new laws the only ones that follow it are the good the people the people that use guns for self defense. While the “bad people” don 't follow the law and continue to use the guns. Therefor if everyone had hand guns no one would really mess with others because they know if they talk smack to them they will get shot

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