Thesis Statement On Gun Control

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Concealed carry is a law that has been in controversy for several decades. A majority of people say that not being able to carry a gun is violating their rights. Others say that they don 't feel safe when there are guns around and can cause more harm than good. The use of concealed and carry weapons could reduce the number of mass shootings by making criminals not want to commit the crimes because the people who are armed would be able to defend themselves.
To understand concealed and carry, people need to understand what gun control really is. “Gun control is the term used to describe how firearms may be legally produced, sold, and used.” (Alters 1). Gun control is the regulation of guns that are being produced and sold. It also controls
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It can violate the 2nd amendment, which is of course “right to bear arms.” There has been so much in the media about gun control. The majority of the media does not show what concealed and carry is capable of in a positive way, but only the negative. People believe gun control is there to have their guns seized. There are more than enough restrictions on guns, so there for the majority of people that can have guns are safe to be around. This proven claim shows my thesis is correct by having restrictions on guns, is not stopping criminals from obtaining illegal guns, but only making it more difficult for innocent, clean slate civilians to possess …show more content…
The criminals believe that they are invincible in a way. Criminals will always have guns. Criminals will always be able to illegally obtain weapons. Criminals can obtain guns in many ways. If they have a clean record, then they simply purchase the weapon from a local gun store, or sporting goods store. Convicted felons and other criminals cannot even be near weapons or touch the weapon. This makes it difficult for them the acquire weapons, so they resort to theft or black market sales. This is imperative since it shows how criminals can obtain guns and maneuver around and avoid laws. They would rather buy a gun off the black market because more than likely the serial number will not be present on the weapon. It will be scratched off so the weapon cannot be tracked. “The result of these studies appear to indicate that gun control laws have no effect on criminals.” (Alters 1) As a result, even though there are gun laws in place, criminals find a way around it. Criminals always have. This is often argued by people since they tend to ignore the fact that criminals will always have weapons. They simply select not to believe that black markets sales cannot happen since they believe that gun laws and regulation are in place and that they take care of everything. This is wrong because there is black market sales and criminals have always found a way around gun

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