United States Naval Special Warfare Command

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  • Chris Kyle: A True Hero

    War has always been a part of our country. We are the country that we are today because of the American Revolution, which was a very important war. Many of the amazing people that have become famous and well known nation wide have been war heroes. These war heroes are not only great on the battlefield, but off it as well. Chris Kyle portraits greatness and who was one of America's most lethal snipers, he is no different from any of the past war heroes throughout history. On the battlefield, he has tons of accolades and has saved many lives one famous line from Kyle is “I don’t have to psyche myself up, or do something special mentally – I look through the scope, get my target in the cross-hairs, and kill my enemy before he kills one of my people” (Aldrich, Ian.…

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  • Operation Redwing Essay

    officers in the United States Navy Seals. Petty Officer Marcus Luttrell, Lieutenant Michael Murphy, Petty Officer Danny Dietz, and Petty Officer Matt Axelson were part of a four man elite SEAL team searching for Taliban leader Ahmad Shah on June 28, 2005 (Klein 1). Marcus and his twin brother Morgan…

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  • Chris Kyle Research Paper

    (Burling 29) SEALS should be able to do 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups and 20 pull-ups in 2 minutes (Burling 25) After passing phase 1 Kyle had to go through a grueling process known as Hell Week (Burling 29) During Hell Week, SEALS are put through challenges that could last up to 24 hours. Kyle survived Hell Week and barely crossed the finish line. The next phase was phase 2 or the Combat Dive Phase (Burling 32) During this phase Kyle suffered an injury where too much pressure built up in his head,…

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  • Seals Mission Summary

    reconnaissance mission turned into a bloodbath with only one SEAL makes it out alive. The story is told by the surviving SEAL, Marcus Luttrell, who outlines how his comrades died in battle. When the SEALs head out to the border, they are discovered by a group of herders. Rather than kill them, the SEALs let them go, only to discover the herders revealed their position to members of the Taliban. This book begins with Navy SEAL training in Coronado, san Diego is outlining the difficult process of…

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  • Marcus Luttrell's The Lone Survivor

    In everyone’s life they will be faced with a challenge that will have to be overcome, For Marcus Luttrell and his squad Mathew Axelson, Daniel Healy, James Suh, Eric Patton, and Michael Murphy, the men of SEAL Team 10 are put through the ultimate challenge of being overwhelmed by Taliban forces with no help after Luttrell loses each one of his squad mate/friends. How would you react to this challenge? Would you hide and try to survive? Would you fight to protect your squad mates till the end?…

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  • Essay On Operation Red Wings

    The Navy’s Sea, Air and Land Forces – commonly known as SEALs – are expertly trained to deliver highly specialized, intensely challenging warfare capabilities that are beyond the means of standard military forces; including: direct action warfare, special reconnaissance, counterterrorism, and foreign internal defense. Navy Seals achieve the impossible, in many ways by; critical thinking, sheer willpower and absolute dedication to their training, their missions, and their fellow Special…

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  • Navy Seals Research Paper

    Have you ever heard about the Navy SEALs? Read this and find out who they are. Navy SEALs are said to be the second most elite special forces in the world-next to the British SAS. SEALs stands for sea(SEA), air(A), and land(L). They consist of elite commandos that undergo extreme pressure-physically and mentally, and have go through six months of extremely hard training. The SEALs’ history go all the way back to WWII. They originally consisted of five different groups that merged into one, even…

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  • Operation Red Wings Research Paper

    Operation Red Wings, also referred to as Operation Red Wing or OP Redwing, was planned and rehearsed as a small reconnaissance mission consisting of four Navy Special Warfare Operators (SEALS) in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan in late June, 2005. Lt. Michael Murphy, Petty Officer 2nd Class Danny Dietz, Sonar Technician 2nd Class Matthew Axelson, and Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Marcus Luttrell were the four team members assigned to this mission, with Murph being the ranking officer, and…

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  • Christopher Kyle Case Study Examples

    extensive history serving in the U.S. military. Despite having a good support system, he continues to have issues with reintegration. Christopher reports that his behavior lately is interfering with his life and becoming a burden to his family. The contributing factors include symptoms of acute stress disorder, dysphoria, dissociation and irritability. He also reports that he has had exposure to traumatic events throughout his life. During his time in the military, he has witnessed various…

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  • American Sniper Narrative

    great american who once existed and went above and beyond the display of bravery and selfless service. Chris kyle. A us Navy seal and a sniper. Chris kyle grew up in Texas where he learned how to hunt, shoot, and study his religion, after the Oklahoma bombing chris decided to enlist in the navy. He figured anything worth doing is worth overdoing so he enlisted as a navy seal, one of the hardest programs to even be selected for and one of the hardest programs in the us military to graduate from.…

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