The Horrible Waste Of War Analysis

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What would you do, if you woke up from an after war or gun battle and your team that are more like family that teammates, are around you dead. The article “On WWII: The Horrible waste of war” by author Ernie Pyle, explains how a veteran that just have woken up from an after war on France Normandy on June 16 and 17, how he saw the major destruction the war had made, and see’s dead men everywhere from his team and the opponents, equipment scattered along the shore and on the beach. He notices how the dogs are along the shore waiting for their owner that are floating in the water, not knowing that they will never come back. When he got up on a small hill just enough high that he could see everything that he walked by and still missed some …show more content…
In the beginning it was just a group of four men and soon there came more but they got defeated and it changed luttrells life completely. “ They were gone forever now. And yet we could afford it. WE could afford it because we were on, we had our toehold, ad behind us there were such enormous replacements for this wreck-age on the beach that you could hardly conceive of their sum total.” (Pyle 1). Pyle explains how France had a back up plan with extra soldiers and more equipment. “A group of sheep herders stumbled upon the SEAL’s immediately took control of the situation and discussed what to do with the herders. After taking a vote and basing their decision on ROE, Michael Murphy made the final decision to let them go. The herders were subsequently released and disappeared over the mountain ridge….. the SEAL’s were engaged in an intense gun battle. In the ensuing battle, the rest of the SEAL team members were killed.” (Luttrell 2). The differences other than one being a gun battle and the other a war, they will always remember the day it happened and what they

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