American Sniper Narrative

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i could tell a story of myself showing a example of bravery or i could tell you off a great american who once existed and went above and beyond the display of bravery and selfless service. Chris kyle. A us Navy seal and a sniper.
Chris kyle grew up in Texas where he learned how to hunt, shoot, and study his religion, after the Oklahoma bombing chris decided to enlist in the navy. He figured anything worth doing is worth overdoing so he enlisted as a navy seal, one of the hardest programs to even be selected for and one of the hardest programs in the us military to graduate from.
Chris graduated navy seal training and went on to serve multiple tours of iraq where he acted has a scout sniper and gave support to marines from afar who were invading
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Chris retired from the navy after multiple tours and started his own private military contracting company that focused on training servicemen better. He also dedicated alot of time to helping other veterans who had been disabled in the war. Chris would keep them company or take them shooting. He viewed it as a way that they could all take care of eachother wether it be on or off the battlefield, chris also went on to marry and have 2 kids, but sadly one day while taking another marine out to shoot, the marine shot chris in the back killing him.
Chris's funereal was held inside the Dallas cowboys stadium where thousands of people and other seals attended. Chris lives on as a example of a true american and as a sign of bravery and hope through his actions he acts as a inspiration
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