Case Study Of Christopher Kyle's Life

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Reason of Intervention/treatment
Christopher Kyle is a 38 year old, Caucasian, U.S. Navy veteran who was self referred for a psychological evaluation to determine his current cognitive and emotional status. Christopher has an extensive history serving in the U.S. military. Despite having a good support system, he continues to have issues with reintegration. Christopher reports that his behavior lately is interfering with his life and becoming a burden to his family. The contributing factors include symptoms of acute stress disorder, dysphoria, dissociation and irritability. He also reports that he has had exposure to traumatic events throughout his life. During his time in the military, he has witnessed various casualties in combat. Christopher present well dressed with proper grooming and is oriented x4. Christopher would benefit
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Medical and Psychological History
Medical history: Christopher reports that he has high blood pressure --170/110.
Prognosis. Despite his experiences during the military and upbringing, Christopher has a good support system. With the appropriate intervention there should be a good recovery within some months from the commencement of treatment.
Psychological history: Deferred (See Head Injuries/Trauma/Violence).
Family of Origin
Christopher was the first of two boys born to Deby Lynn and Wayne Kenneth Kyle, a Sunday school teacher and deacon. Christopher’s younger brother is named Jeff Kyle, who later joined the U.S. Navy.
Social Problems
Christopher reports that he enjoys the comradery of other service members, however notices that being around his immediate family and civilian friends is difficult. The most notable social problem Christopher experiences is isolation; he goes to the bars alone or separates himself from the family. He denies having other social problems.
Primary Caregivers
Wife, Taya Kyle

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