Smoking Essay Solution

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Tobacco becomes one of the most effective global issues. Statistics that from the Action on Smoking & Health, over 20% of people in America die from tobacco; and, a person dies every 6 seconds from a tobacco-related disease, such as lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD), and heart disease. Even though, people realize about this issue, it is difficult to most of the people to stop smoking, because of the nicotine addiction. There are many solutions to reduce or prevent this problem, the most popular and basic solutions around the world are a smoker quits smoking, and the federal government can make more laws or policies to solve this issue. One of the solutions is taking a quit smoking program, such as the breatheBetter. …show more content…
During 2015, more than 264 billion cigarettes were sold in the United States—about the same as were sold in 2014 ("Centers for Disease Control and Prevention," n.d.). For example, the United States have started to the excise tax on cigarette since 1794 to solve the tobacco use problems. The evidence of this law is the United States Congress increased the 10% in the price of the tobacco, and then; the effect to this law is reducing overall cigarette consumption by 3-5%. Moreover, in 2006 the U.S. Congress regulated the smoking free zone, like places in private work sites, restaurants and bars; because of this law, Utah became as the state has the lowest percentage(12.2%) of smokers. Furthermore, the United States Congress may pass the law, such as raise the minimal age of smoking. Since 1999, the minimum age of smoking is 18 years old. Therefore, people can see. Some high-school students smoke; it caused by some negative effects of the young smokers, such as, higher risk to get the lung cancer and difficulty of breathing. To prevent this problem, the U. S. Congress has to regulate to raise the minimum age of smoking from 18 to

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