Women And Gender Studies By Judith Butler

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Women and Gender Studies is a discipline that primarily focuses on the relationship of womyn, womyn subjects, and contextualizes their relationship to the world. It has its roots in feminist activism and continuous to teach within this framework. “The binary between men and women seemed not only to be a presupposition within feminist work, but was elevated to the theological status of the ‘irrefutable’ within some feminism” (Kushamiro, 2000) What occurs within this framework is that it normalizes the usage of men and womyn as the basis of the curriculum, and in turn does not question the normalcy of how we feel about the differences outside of the framework. As Judith Butler observed, “Sex is gender, is sexual positionality”, a notion that I believe is heavily taught within the social construct of the discipline, which then perpetuates the man and womyn oppositional framework. “Does teaching in traditionally ‘feminine’ way reinforce the binaries of masculine/male and feminine/female? Does empowering girls to enter on traditional fields challenge gender inequities even while reinforcing gender binaries? What about the people that don’t fit the normative categories of boy and girl?” (Bornstein, 1994) The problem is that theoretically the dynamics of the oppression are not taken into account within this framework, and makes it almost impossible to view things outside of that paradigm. “The implicit and compulsory presumption of heterosexuality supported the normativity

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