Declamation Of 1763 Essay

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1. Proclamation of 1763 This document’s significance was to prevent colonists from settling past the Appalachian mountains. Colonial frontiersmen reacted very swiftly, and very negatively. In their opinion the English were restricting some of the most coveted land in the New World. 2. Quebec Act The Quebec Act made Quebec a place where Catholics could freely worship and it restored the use of French civil law for matters of private law. The reaction of Canadians was mixed and the land-owning were relatively happy about the changes, though most of the populace resented their loss of freedoms. 3. Sugar Act The sugar act attempted to induce importers to buy molasses from Britain and it also further restricted trading between the colonies and other nations. The sugar act put a great financial strain on many colonists …show more content…
11. Boston Massacre The Boston Massacre was a street fight between a “patriot ” mob and British soldiers where several colonists were killed. The sons of liberty blew the event beyond all proportion and all of the colonies were in outrage. 12. Boston Tea Party The purpose of the Boston Tea Party was to protest the British tax on tea and to fight back against British rule in the Colonies. The British closed the port and inflicted even harsher penalties on the Colonies because of the tea party. 13. Battle of Bunker Hill The Battle of Bunker hill was a Revolutionary war battle fought at Bunker Hill where the Colonists defended the hill from and onslaught of British troops and won. The biggest significance of this battle was that it showed that the colonists would not just roll over and were willing to die to bring their country freedom. 14. Second Continental Congress The second continental congress was the meeting in which representatives of each of the 13 colonies met and drew up and signed the Declaration of

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